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February 3 Dialogue in Zero Gravity: Philippe Garrel Meets Leos Carax
While Boy Meets Girl incontestably expresses the spirit of the 1980s, it is also a film that has assimilated the cinemas of Godard and Garrel, in other words of the two previous generations (Carax was born in 1962, Garrel in 1948). We were also aware that Garrel pays close attention to contemporary French cinema, regardless from what generation, and when asked, he confirmed that he was especially interested in Carax’s film.
November 1 Christmas on the Riviera
In the ten years between her divorce and remarriage, my mother spent Christmas with her mother. Their habit was a matinee, then a simple meal.
August 28 To Fall in Love with Film Leave New York
The city set a terrible precedent for me: I began to understand film-going—sitting in what are supposed to be the darkest, most anonymous and unassuming places—as the most important way to express my cultural and social capital. But then I moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, the greatest film city in America!