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July 30 I Am American Cowboy Jim
My father loved going to the movies, and my brother Sam and I were his usual dates. We lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts—walking distance from the repertory houses in Harvard Square, biking distance from half a dozen single-screen neighborhood theaters of the sort that have now been divided into multiplexes. My first understanding of the large people on the large screen was probably that they, too, were projections of my father’s mind.
July 23 Interview with Paul Blain
On the occasion of Gérard Blain's first North American retrospective, organized by Brad Deane (TIFF Cinematheque), Deane sat down to chat with Paul Blain (French actor and one of Gerard’s sons) about working with his father.
June 22 Cinema without Safety Goggles
When I was 12 I fainted to the flicker and whir of a film projector. It was in shop class.