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January 28 Hong Kong’s Past and Future: Rouge and Comrades: Almost a Love Story
Not knowing the future inevitably means not being able to maintain a romantic relationship, so both films are wistfully and tragically preoccupied with roads not taken.
January 27 We're a Happy Family: Hal Hartley's Grim Trilogy
The Grims’ lives do not play out in a vacuum but in our world, in which culture and society invisibly act upon them. Disconnected, discombobulated, and dysfunctional — they’re a model American family.
January 22 Hal Hartley from A to Z: Folders from the Fool Files
The world is chaotic, and the films of Hal Hartley often depict the struggle to impose some kind of structure or organization, to suss out the meaning of it all. So perhaps it would behoove us to do the same. Let’s take it from the top.