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November 11 Roundtable: Susan Sontag's Duet for Cannibals
We invited three of our favorite writers to the Metrograph Commissary to discuss the film, its legacy, and why it could be the original Seinfeld.
November 7 On Baumbach: I Don't Think You'll Ever Be A Kid Again, Kiddo
Though his characters remain developmentally immobile, Noah Baumbach’s observations have become sharper. His eye is less jaundiced, his touch is a little more tender, and his ability to pinpoint his characters’ personal, emotional, psychological, and social shackles is both more precise and more generous
October 29 On Downtown 81
The meeting of punk, hip-hop, graffiti, and beat expressionism began the cultural transformation that we understand today as the last stand of DIY, personal, private, and hand-made art against a homogenized digital future.