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May 23 I Love You, Always Forever: On "Diamantino"
A yellow Lamborghini swerves around a sharp corner as the sun begins to dip. A blue sleeved arm reaches out of its window; the cliff-face the car drives along is thick with greenery. The white turrets of a gated castle peek out from behind the trees, and then the car wheels spin, kicking up red dust as it screeches to a halt. As a handsome young man and his new ‘son’ exit the vehicle, Welsh popstar Donna Lewis’s 1996 hit ‘I Love You Always Forever’ plays.
May 22 Q&A at Metrograph: Matt Wolf and Marcus Lindeen on "The Raft"
Metrograph Pictures is excited to present Marcus Lindeen’s new feature documentary, The Raft, which took home the top prize at CPH:DOX and is making its North American theatrical debut at Metrograph on June 7, 2019.
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May 20 Notes on Noir: "The Strange One" and "Pickup on South Street"
Gifford will join Metrograph for his Dream Double Feature on May 26. He will present two personal favorites, and in advance of the screenings, Gifford granted us permission to reprint his essays on those films: the disturbing boys’ school drama The Strange One and Samuel Fuller’s masterpiece Pickup on South Street.