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Interviews with crucial film-world figures
March 14 A Note To Our Guests
As COVID-19 spreads and the safety concerns around large group gatherings increases, we will say what we never thought is possible - we will stop screenings at 7 Ludlow Street for the time being.
March 4 No Future! No Future! Fruit Chan Speaks About Made In Hong Kong
"I grew up in public housing and spent over 10 years of my life there. I think public housing is a microcosm of Hong Kong society. In Sau Mau Ping or Tze Wan Shan, for example, many youngsters joined the triads. In my mind, the public housing estate is the dark shadow of life. Either you do your best to get out, or your future is hell."
February 25 Bruno de Almeida and Michael Imperioli Talk Cabaret Maxime
"I can do a lot of decent work as an actor on TV or in movies and be professional and be fulfilled and stuff like that, but every so often, you get the opportunity, and it's rare where it comes from a place that's much more personal."
February 11 Graphic Content
Despite having resisted the siren call of Hollywood, Annie Atkins has made quite a name for herself in the hermetically sealed world of cinema. As a graphics and prop designer, most notably for Wes Anderson in The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs (she also worked on the coming The French Dispatch), Dublin-born Atkins has elevated an oft-neglected craft into the realm of art.
January 29 The Metrograph Interview: Paul Schrader
"I’ve only got five or six years left. I don’t want to spend that five or six years making compromises. Maybe I’ll make a handful of little edgy films, and I’ll make them for next to nothing. That seems to me much better than doing some high-price piece of junk."
January 15 The Metrograph Interview: Hal Hartley
"Sometimes when someone, particularly a young person, who's working hard and has certain talent, is simply trying to tell the truth, something happens. It's what journalists generally would call a distinctive voice."
December 23 The Metrograph Interview: Josh and Benny Safdie
"We felt foolish if we ever tried to impose plot from on high. It's like how I felt listening to produced music felt foolish. I only wanted to listen to music that had a tape hiss because I felt that at some level that that meant that it was more honest."
December 5 The Metrograph Interview: Peter Strickland
"I always want my films to have a connection to real life. I never wanted to snap that cord. I want to stretch it as far as possible."
November 22 The Metrograph Interview: Atlantics' Mati Diop
"I needed to find a new architecture, so all the living elements could talk to each other, and the rhythm was so extremely delicate to find. I ask myself: How do you shift from reality to another dimension?"
November 19 Lions and Cannibals: An Interview with Susan Sontag and Agnès Varda
In 1969, during the 7th Annual New York Film Festival, two film directors with movies in the Official Selection entered a New York public TV studio to discuss their work.