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Animal Kingdom: Tales of the Sweet & Bitter

Animal Kingdom: Tales of the Sweet & Bitter

Animal Kingdom: Tales of the Sweet & Bitter

Various / 80min / 16mm


Marie Losier in person

"Between owls and dogs, masters and owners, ice cream and lipsticks, between sleep and disco, archives and surprises, celluloid and colors: an evening of pure celebration and joy, pure laughter and marvels. Coming back to NYC is a celebration and showing films is a way to celebrate and share with my NY family of friends and cinephiles."—Marie Losier

Titles include:

Honeymoon Hotel (Tony Ganz & Rhody Streeter, 1971, 16mm., 4 min.) - A tour of the facilities and interviews with owners and guests at the titular establishment, which includes the obligatory heart shaped tub.

Hickory Hill (DA Pennebaker, 1968, 16mm, 11 min.) - George Plimpton attends the annual children’s fair of local pets, at the Virginia home of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, with Art Buchwald as ringmaster.

Bois ton café (Eric Rohmer, 1986, Digital, 3 min.) - Eric Rohmer made a 3 minute musical short with Rosette and Pascal Greggory about a couple's morning routine? Thankfully, yes.

A Divided World (Arne Sucksdorff, 1948, 16mm, 10 min.) - The great master of the nature film here observes an evening on a Swedish forest. Owls hoot.

The Blessing of the Animals (Marie Losier, 2003, Digital, 3 min.) - The yearly gathering at the Catherdral of St. John the Divine, shot in 16mm black and white. Cats, dogs, and perhaps a lamb, get blessed.

Pee Wee’s Pianola (Harry Booth, 1968, 16mm, 14 min.) - Starring The Magnificent 6 1/2, a children’s troupe always in a new adventure. Unknown in the US, perhaps best appreciated in the UK.

Breathless trailer for Rialto Pictures re-release (Jean-Luc Godard, 1958/2010, 35mm, 2 min.) Godard edited the trailer for his debut feature, updated for the 50th anniversary re-release, with the french/english translation narrated by Marie Losier!

and more...

Special thanks to The Cinematheque de Toulouse, Francesca Bozzano and Dominique Auzel, and Frazer Pennebaker