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Bad Girls Go to Hell + The Deadman

Bad Girls Go to Hell + The Deadman

Bad Girls Go to Hell + The Deadman

Various / 108min / 35mm


Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn in person

In conjunction with the reissue of Peggy Ahwesh’s zine The Films of Doris Wishman—now available at the Metrograph Book Store in an expanded edition from Inpatient Press and Light Industry—Metrograph presents a double bill featuring Wishman’s Bad Girls Go to Hell, one of the supreme accomplishments by the doyenne of sexploitation, alongside Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn’s The Deadman, a bawdy, Georges Bataille-inspired tale which draws a kind of spiritual guidance from Wishman’s work.

Director: Doris Wishman
1965 / 71 mins / 35mm

Possessed with sex, they know no shame! “My favorite Wishman films are the ‘roughies’ from the mid-'60s, which combine titillating striptease (black lace panties dropping provocatively to the floor) with rough sex play and a brutally dystopic view of relations between the sexes. In Wishman’s masterful Bad Girls Go to Hell, a sad and misunderstood housewife is a fugitive fleeing a stream of violent men (and one well-meaning lesbian).”—Peggy Ahwesh

Directors: Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn
1989 / 37 mins / 16mm

“Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn’s free and liberating (as well as liberated) 1989 adaptation of Georges Bataille’s untranslated story Le morte is one the most exciting and accomplished experimental films I saw during the 1990s. It charts the adventures of a nearly naked heroine who leaves the corpse of her lover in a country house, goes to a bar, and sets in motion a scabrous free-form orgy before returning to the house to die. The film manages to approximate the transgressive poetic prose of Bataille while celebrating female sexual desire without the usual patriarchal-porn trimmings. Equally remarkable for its endlessly inventive sound track and its beautiful black-and-white photography, it bears the earmarks of an authentic classic.”—Jonathan Rosenbaum

Co-presented with Light Industry. Print of Bad Girls Go to Hell courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive.