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3 Films by Samuel R. Delany

3 Films by Samuel R. Delany

3 Films by Samuel R. Delany

Various / 62min / Digital


Intro and Q&A with Samuel R. Delany at the 3:30pm screening on Saturday, May 18

A surreal, nearly wordless odyssey through New York City, The Orchid (Delany’s sole directorial credit) premiered at the World Science Fiction Convention in 1971 where it nearly incited a riot, with Delany's fans shouting at the screen and eventually trying to tear it down. Perhaps unprepared for a film that flirts with genre, but would have been more at home at The Judson Dance Theater (music by John Herbert McDowell, production coordination by Adolfas Mekas), the unhappy moviegoers set the tone for the film, which never found an audience willing to receive it on it’s own terms. Also screening, two films Delany produced, scripted and edited with his then-partner Frank Romeo: Bye, Bye Love follows a pair of would-be Everly Brothers as they travel to New York for a 24 hour run at the big time. Delany writes that The Aunts explores idea that he and Romeo wanted to see in a movie: “the stumping out of a cigarette in a tray, a woman putting on lipstick, an Italian family of women sitting around a table.”

Notes by Nellie Killian

Screening in the series Delanymania.