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Four New York Shorts from 1981

Four New York Shorts from 1981

Four New York Shorts from 1981

Various / 77min / 16mm


Clotheslines (dir. Roberta Cantow / 1981 / 32 mins / 16mm)

New York Portrait, Chapter II (dir. Peter Hutton / 1981 / 16 mins / 16mm)

Cerveza Bud (dir. Rudolph Burckhardt / 1981 / 23 mins / 16mm)

Girl Pack (dir. Lisa Baumgardner / 1981 / 6 mins / DCP)

Four portraits of New York City, including Peter Hutton’s visual diary of life in New York from 1980-81, New York Portrait, Chapter II; Rudy Burckhardt’s chronicle of street life, Cerveza Bud; Roberta Cantow’s Clotheslines, which showcases NYC backyards crisscrossed with lines, treating laundry as a form of folk art as well as a fraught social signifier and lens for women to reflect on the joys, pains, and ambivalences of household chores; and Lisa Baumgardner’s celebration of a group of girls drinking a six pack on the roof, Girl Pack.

Girl Pack was preserved by The Museum of Modern Art with support from the Celeste Bartos Fund for Film Preservation. Clotheslines courtesy of the Reserve Film and Video Collection of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.