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1984 / 91min / DCP


Born from a Life magazine essay on the population of homeless youths who would congregate on downtown Seattle’s Pike St. (near the original Starbucks location), with accompanying photographs by Bell’s filmmaking partner, the photographer Mary Ellen Mark, this tough, unsentimental, deeply empathetic documentary, shot in palpably gritty 16mm, could only be the result of extraordinary understanding between filmmakers and subjects, the ignored and despised children left behind by propagandized Eighties prosperity and untouched by the light of Morning in America. A film whose youthful-yet-life-marred cast of real-world characters, scraping out a living through panhandling and hustling, might just stay with you for a lifetime.

New film restoration by Valerie Lasser, Big Sky Editorial, Nice Shoes, Chris Ryan & Falkland Road, Inc.

A Janus Films release
Photo by Mary Ellen Mark. All rights reserved.