Belle and Sebastian Dream Double Feature

January 17

Screenings introduced by Stuart Murdoch and Stevie Jackson.

Down and Out in Paris and London
Program Notes by Stuart Murdoch and Stevie Jackson of Belle & Sebastian

"It’s interesting to contrast these two films to perhaps gauge the different vibes in the two great European cities in the 1960s. Still hungover after the war, the youth and young thinking are starting to shake things up and challenge the rigid social structures that are still in place. The Paris chapter follows the fortune of Truffaut’s young hero Antoine Doinel—his carefree attitude to life, love and work still charms and amuses in 2017."—Stuart Murdoch

"I like Stuart's choice as I'm very much a cinematic Francophile. In this respect, I'm very much an Anglophile too. I'm fascinated by British cinema especially in the 1960's. The Servant is one of the best. Class warfare, sexual politics, spooky intrigue. Pinter is on fire here. Brilliant direction and acting too. The beautiful monochrome English 60's atmosphere is worth the price of admission alone but there's so much more..."—Stevie Jackson

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