Streetwise & Tiny

July 19 to July 25

Martin Bell in Person

One of the peerless pairings of artist and subject began when the photographer Mary Ellen Mark, photographing the homeless youth population of downtown Seattle with journalist Cheryl McCall, encountered a seen-it-all adolescent named Tiny. Born Erin Blackwell, Tiny would become one of the key characters in Mark and filmmaking partner Martin Bell’s 1984 documentary Streetwise, and the couple would continue to follow Tiny’s journey in the years to come, with the follow-up feature TINY: The Life of Erin Blackwell completed in the year after Mark’s death in 2015, now forming half of a remarkable diptych with Streetwise. Metrograph presents both films, and with them an opportunity to observe what the years have changed in the wounded-yet-iron-willed Tiny—and what they haven’t.

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